How It Works

We rent the property from you for a set period of time for a minimum of two years. The formal agreement is a Commercial or a Residential Lease which are governed by UK Law. With the permission of the landlord we sublet the property on a room-by-room basis, effectively running a HMO for the entire lease term, making sure all legal requirements are met before tenancies commence.

We generate our profit from the rental income minus all costs, which include bills, the guaranteed rent to the landlord, maintenance, repair costs, insurance, cleaning and other expenses.

Our Guarantees

  • We will pay a fixed income to you during the entire lease agreement.
  • All payments will be made on time
  • You will receive the property back in the same condition as agreed in the lease

Our Promise

  • We have comprehensive insurance protecting your guaranteed income
  • You are free to inspect the property any time (subject to tenancy agreement regulations of giving 24 hours notice)
  • Peace of Mind: We will only contact you in case of real emergencies